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Official language

Capital city



Seat of Government Berlin
Form of government federal parliamentary republic
Governmental system parliamentary democracy
Head of State Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier
Head of government Chancellor Angela Merkel
Surface 357.582 Square kilometer
Population 83.019.213
Population density 232 Einwohner per kilometer
Currency Euro
National Holiday 3. October (anniversary of German unification)
Time zone UTC+1, CET
UTC+2, CEST(March to October)
License plate D
Telephone area code +49

Climate factors in Germany

Apart from the Alpine regions, Germany lies in the temperate climate zone. Due to Germany’s central location in Europe, however, the individual parts are influenced by other climate zones. While in the west the maritime climate from Western Europe keeps temperature fluctuations rather low over the year, the east of Germany is influenced by the continental climate in Eastern Europe, which means that winters here are colder and summers milder and drier.

The Gulf Stream also plays a central role in the climate in Germany and ensures comparatively high temperatures, despite the more northerly latitude.

Situated at the heart of Europe

As already mentioned, the Federal Republic of Germany lies at the centre of Europe and is directly surrounded by nine neighbouring countries. Geographical highlights are, on the one hand, the bordering North Sea and Baltic Sea in the north of the country and, on the other, the Alps in the south of Germany. The landscape is correspondingly varied, ranging from low and high mountain ranges, to the almost 2400 kilometres of coastline, to large areas of forest and vast lake landscapes. Numerous large cities and conurbations such as Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Cologne or Frankfurt am Main offer a wide range of cultural activities and sights.

Made in Germany

Germany has much to offer, above all an immense economic power. „Made in Germany“ is a seal of quality that is respected and welcomed all over the world. Due to high quality standards, Germany has a special export strength. In general, the economic, but also the political situation is stable for decades. The right to freedom of opinion and religion is protected and lived, there is a well-functioning health system with comprehensive medical care, and the rule of law and a good education system speak for Germany and are highly valued both nationally and internationally.

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