We answer the most frequently asked questions about working as a nurse in Germany!

How does the selection procedure work?2020-03-31T08:46:53+00:00

First of all, please fill out our contact form on this page. After successful entry, an application form will be sent to you as a writable PDF. Please take your time and fill out the form completely and conscientiously. If your details fit and you are considered for the next steps, we will arrange a telephone or video interview with you. If the interview is positive, you will receive a confirmation from us that we will cover the costs of the absolutely necessary language lessons after you have successfully passed level B2, including the costs of the examination. You are free to choose at which language school you take the lessons. There are no specifications on our part in this respect. In this case, we will also cover all the costs of the recognition procedure for you. The last step is the placement in one of our German partner hospitals.

What requirements do I have to meet to be able to work in Germany?2020-03-31T08:46:17+00:00

The most important prerequisite for the professional recognition of your foreign qualifications in Germany is the acquisition of sound language skills. Depending on the federal state, you need the language certificate B2 or B1 in the field of nursing. Successful professional recognition is of particular relevance to you, as it determines whether you are only employed as a nursing assistant or as a recognised nurse in Germany. This makes a significant difference in salary and responsibility. Provided that the training content of the degree you have acquired abroad is the same as in Germany, that you provide the necessary language certificate (B2 or B1 with Telc Pflege), that you have an impeccable police clearance certificate and that there are no health restrictions, there is basically nothing standing in the way of your professional recognition.


How much will I earn?2020-03-31T08:45:27+00:00

The salary for nurses and healthcare workers is regulated by collective agreements in Germany. Which pay scale group you belong to depends primarily on your qualifications and your professional practice. The more professional experience you can show, the higher the wage level in which you are placed. Ultimately, this means that full-time nurses and healthcare professionals start with an entry level salary of 2200-3200 euros gross per month. There are also bonuses for night, weekend and holiday shifts. Which leads to a net salary of at least 1500 to 2200 Euro per month.


What costs will I have to pay?2020-03-31T08:43:43+00:00

There are no agency fees for you. The language course you have taken will be taken over by us if you successfully complete level B2.

Who will be my employer?2020-03-31T08:42:41+00:00

Our partner hospitals and clinics are made up of renowned institutions throughout Germany.

How long does the recognition procedure take in Germany?2020-03-31T08:42:06+00:00

For applicants from the EU everything happens quite quickly thanks to a new regulation. Once your documents are complete, the procedure can be completed within one day. For candidates from third countries and non-EU countries, the recognition procedure can take up to three months after application.

What are the working conditions as a nurse in Germany?2020-03-31T08:41:21+00:00

The working time of a full-time job in Germany is usually 40 hours per week. In nursing and health care, people usually work in shifts (early, late or night shift) 5 days a week. How your shift schedule is structured depends on the respective employer, who draws up the shift plans and makes them available to you at an early stage. The holiday entitlement also varies depending on the employment contract. On average, however, leave entitlement is approximately four weeks per year. In Germany, a probationary period of six months is also common, during which you must prove yourself.


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